Simmons bed.


Have you thought about bedding for sleeping?

I do care for my bed mattress and pillow.

My pillow is something special which is all my size of neck and head.

And also the pillow cover is silk one which can protect my hair moisture.


People sleep for 7 hours a day, it means around 108 days per year.

We should make it better one.

This is why our all bed in this hostel is ”Simmons” bed which is most comfy.

For the guest who came to Nara from other countries.

For the guest who wanted to try this actually.

For the guest who is confusing to choose the hotel in Nara.

For making the guest happy.

We are so glad that our guest feedback how the bed was amazing every morning when they check-out.

It is your turn to try this!


STAFF : Rika